The ward admission process

The cardiac surgery ward is run according to the highest standards, and Cardioheal will insure that all of your medical and personal needs are met. Length of stay in this ward is usually up to 5 days; however this tends to vary from patient to patient and will depend upon your medical condition.

During the first few days after surgery you will suffer from pain as a result of the incision. Post surgery pain is relative and varies from patient to patient. It is important that you update the medical staff about how you feel, so that they will be able to administer drug therapy to relieve your pain, in order to enable you to rest well and gather your strength, which is all part of the recuperation process. It is important to keep a daily regimen of washing the incision site with water and soup; if needs be the staff will be happy to assist you in this regard.

On the first day after surgery the staff will assist you in getting out of bed, after which you will be able to take several steps alone, increasing the walking distance each day. Walking is an essential part of your recovery process.

You will be discharged from hospital only when your medical condition permits it. This decision will be made by the doctor during the morning rounds in the ward. We recommend that you transfer to a convalescent facility following your discharge. This must be coordinated with your HMO that subsidizes your hospital stay. The reason we recommend this to our patients is that these facilities provide a full recovery program that includes controlled physical exercise, lectures and full board, all under medical and nursing supervision.