The intensive care unit – ICU

When the surgery is over you will be transferred to the ICU which is located on the 3rd level. During the first few hours after the surgery you will feel sedated due to the anesthesia. As soon as it is possible, a member of the ICU staff will make sure that a close family member will be able to see you, and you will be informed of your medical condition.

When you wake up you will notice that you are connected to several tubes and appliances. These will be removed during the first few days after surgery.

The ICU visiting times are between 08:00 and 22:00, depending on the situation in the unit, but family members can always call and check the patient’s condition by calling the following phone number 03-7644305/6/7.

As soon as your medical condition warrants it, you will be transferred to the cardiac surgery ward. Both you and your family will be updated regarding your medical progress and your treatment will continue according to your personal and medical needs. The amount of time spent in the ICU varies from patient to patient.