Rapid cardiac diagnostics

Cardioheal offers a service that includes rapid diagnosis and treatment performed by our leading senior cardiologist Prof. Shlomi Matetzky. As part of this service all the necessary tests will be carried out within 5 days in ASSUTA. If you suffer from chest pain, unstable blood pressure or a cardiovascular condition, Cardioheal is geared to provide you with a comprehensive and high-quality medical service.

Chest pain, heart conditions and vascular disorders are medical conditions that require rapid diagnosis and treatment in order to prevent or minimize possible complications. Today, the process of medical examinations in the conventional framework is frequently lengthy requiring a number of inquiries and/or visits to various doctors, involving periods of waiting for various blood and imaging tests and their results. Instead of an arduous and lengthy ‘run around’ between doctors, clinics and medical institutes, Cardioheal offers fast, professional and comprehensive answers all concentrated under one roof. In addition, Cardioheal’s expert surgeons are available within a short time frame should the need arise for invasive treatment such as surgery or catheterization.

As part of the Cardioheal service, the patient is accompanied by our expert cardiologist, who determines the diagnosis and the treatment plan recommended in accordance with the findings of the comprehensive medical examinations. All the required tests, including complete blood count, ECG, echocardiography, stress echocardiography, ergometry and mapping of the heart, are performed in ASSUTA within 5 days. With the results in hand, the patient again meets with the cardiologist and then, if necessary, is referred for further treatment or invasive investigation, or alternatively, is discharged after receiving a personal treatment plan.

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