Preparation prior to surgery

Medical consultation

Once a medical consultation has been arranged with a Cardioheal senior surgeon of your choice, you will be asked to bring the following items with you:

  • A summary of your most recent medical status
  • If you suffer from a heart valve condition – the echocardiogram report + the CD
  • If you suffer from a bypass condition – the cardiac catheterization report + CD
  • If you suffer from a an aortic condition – the CT report + CD

During the consultation both your medical status and urgency for surgery will be assessed and determined. Based on the findings you will then be referred to the surgical coordinator.

Personal surgical coordinator

The surgical coordinator will accompany you through the entire surgical process. Initially you will schedule not only the operation date, but also a date for you to complete the necessary tests prior to your admission and surgery. At this point, you will also receive help and guidance with regard to filling out the claim for appropriate coverage for your operation. Cardioheal has binding agreements with all the HMOs and insurance companies.

Prior to surgery

Prior to your admission for surgery you will be asked to undergo several medical tests and to arrive for a pre-surgery meeting with the cardiologist, the anesthesiologist and a nurse. The purpose of the meeting is to make sure you are medically prepared for the planned surgery and that all of the required medical tests have been performed. The meeting will last about 3 hours and it is recommended that somebody accompanies you. In preparing for the meeting, please make sure that you have in your possession all the medical tests you were required to undergo, an organized medication list and an updated medical report.

Before the operation you will be received by a Cardioheal doctor who will admit you and answer any questions you may have about your preparation for surgery. Later you will meet a cardio-surgical nurse who will admit you to the nursing ward and organize your medical files in preparation for surgery. You will then meet the anesthesiologist who will explain the anesthesia process and ask you to sign an anesthesia consent form.

It should be noted that all of the operating room staff, the nursing staff and the administrative staff have been handpicked by the Cardioheal team.