Heart valve surgery

Heart valve surgery is performed in order to repair or replace heart valves in accordance with their specific medical condition or dysfunction. Heart valve surgery includes various procedures such as aortic valve repair or replacement; mitral valve repair or replacement; and tricuspid valve repair or replacement. What are the medical symptoms that require replacement or […]


QuestionAre there any risks involved in undergoing an operation?AnswerMuch like any invasive surgical procedure, bypass surgery is not without risks and complications. It is important to be aware of this prior to making the decision to undergo surgery. In order to reduce the possible risks and complications it is extremely important to provide the surgeon […]

Medical follow-up

When you are discharged you will receive specific guidelines for your medication regimen, a date to remove the stitches and also for a follow-up appointment, which will be about two weeks after surgery. Follow-up will include an appointment with a nurse and a doctor in order to assess both the surgical wound and a medical […]

The ward admission process

The cardiac surgery ward is run according to the highest standards, and Cardioheal will insure that all of your medical and personal needs are met. Length of stay in this ward is usually up to 5 days; however this tends to vary from patient to patient and will depend upon your medical condition. During the […]

The intensive care unit – ICU

When the surgery is over you will be transferred to the ICU which is located on the 3rd level. During the first few hours after the surgery you will feel sedated due to the anesthesia. As soon as it is possible, a member of the ICU staff will make sure that a close family member […]

Day of surgery

Hospital admission usually takes place a day before the operation, at which time you will receive advice about taking your medications in the morning of the surgery. On the surgery day, several blood samples will be taken and further tests completed should the need arise. On the day of the operation: Should the surgical site […]

Preparation prior to surgery

Medical consultation Once a medical consultation has been arranged with a Cardioheal senior surgeon of your choice, you will be asked to bring the following items with you: A summary of your most recent medical status If you suffer from a heart valve condition – the echocardiogram report + the CD If you suffer from […]

Rapid cardiac diagnostics

Cardioheal offers a service that includes rapid diagnosis and treatment performed by our leading senior cardiologist Prof. Shlomi Matetzky. As part of this service all the necessary tests will be carried out within 5 days in ASSUTA. If you suffer from chest pain, unstable blood pressure or a cardiovascular condition, Cardioheal is geared to provide you […]

Treating abdominal and thoracic aortic aneurysm via stenting

Background One of the expressions of atherosclerosis is expansion of the arteries due to a genetic disorder evidenced by the weakening of the arterial wall. Along with other risk factors, such as smoking and high blood pressure, this could lead to expansion of the aorta. Common sites for such expansion appear in the thoracic aorta […]

Peripheral arteries angioplasty

Background Peripheral atherosclerosis disorder is a disease that narrows the blood vessel's space outside of the heart. When atherosclerosis involves the aorta (the abdominal aorta) and the arteries of the lower limbs, it results in a blood flow disorder in the lower extremities. This is expressed as a fixed distance walking disorder with intermittent limping. […]